At the beginning of the 1990s, the information in the plant floor was in an emerging state of development. At that same time (1993), driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision, Pablo Berman and Ariel Mercogliano founded TESIS in Rosario (Santa Fe - Argentina), a company strategically focused on that business area: the development of Solutions for the Industry.

The increasing demand of the domestic and international market, the leadership role that TESIS started to play as a Company, and the provision of highly professional teams resulted in the execution of big IT Services and Counseling contracts, which allowed TESIS to consolidate itself as one of the companies with greater knowledge in Industrial Solutions, Automation, Counseling Services, and Development of Technological Solutions in general, always suited to the requirements of every Client.

Over the end of the 1990s, the company decided to broaden its horizons, starting a remarkable process of internationalization which led it to establish offices in Venezuela (1998), Mexico (2000), the United States (2003), Canada (2005), Colombia (2007) and Brazil (2012).

Consolidating its commitment to the quality of the Services and Solutions offered, in 2008, TESIS certified ISO 9001 Requirements for its design, development, production, testing, implementation, maintenance and software marketability processes as well as for the processes of research, recruitment and management of professionals.